medicinal drug

medicinal drug
(medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease
Syn: ↑medicine, ↑medication, ↑medicament
Derivationally related forms: ↑medicate (for: ↑medication), ↑medicinal (for: ↑medicine), ↑medicine (for: ↑medicine), ↑medicate (for: ↑medicine)
Topics: ↑medicine, ↑medical specialty
Members of this Topic: ↑prescription, ↑nonprescription, ↑over-the-counter
Hypernyms: ↑drug
acyclovir, ↑Zovirax, ↑alendronate, ↑Fosamax, ↑allopurinol, ↑Zyloprim, ↑amrinone, ↑Inocor, ↑analgesic, ↑anodyne, ↑painkiller, ↑pain pill, ↑angiogenesis inhibitor, ↑antiarrhythmic, ↑antiarrhythmic drug, ↑antiarrhythmic medication, ↑antibacterial, ↑antibacterial drug, ↑bactericide, ↑anticholinergic, ↑anticholinergic drug, ↑anticholinesterase, ↑anticoagulant, ↑anticoagulant medication, ↑decoagulant, ↑anticonvulsant, ↑anticonvulsant drug, ↑antiepileptic, ↑antiepileptic drug, ↑antidepressant, ↑antidepressant drug, ↑antidiabetic, ↑antidiabetic drug, ↑antidiarrheal, ↑antidiarrheal drug, ↑antidiuretic, ↑antidiuretic drug, ↑antiemetic, ↑antiemetic drug, ↑antihistamine, ↑antihypertensive, ↑antihypertensive drug, ↑anti-inflammatory, ↑anti-inflammatory drug, ↑antiprotozoal, ↑antiprotozoal drug, ↑antipyretic, ↑febrifuge, ↑antiseptic, ↑antispasmodic, ↑spasmolytic, ↑antispasmodic agent, ↑antitussive, ↑antiviral, ↑antiviral agent, ↑antiviral drug, ↑APC, ↑astringent, ↑astringent drug, ↑styptic, ↑atomic cocktail, ↑azathioprine, ↑Imuran, ↑blocker, ↑blocking agent, ↑bronchodilator, ↑calcium blocker, ↑calcium-channel blocker, ↑carminative, ↑clofibrate, ↑Atromid-S, ↑clopidogrel bisulfate, ↑Plavix, ↑cold medicine, ↑counterirritant, ↑cytotoxic drug, ↑decongestant, ↑demulcent, ↑diaphoretic, ↑disulfiram, ↑Antabuse, ↑dose, ↑dosage, ↑Drixoral, ↑drug cocktail, ↑highly active antiretroviral therapy, ↑HAART, ↑expectorant, ↑expectorator, ↑fixed-combination drug, ↑gemfibrozil, ↑Lopid, ↑hematinic, ↑haematinic, ↑herbal medicine, ↑histamine blocker, ↑immunosuppressant, ↑immunosuppressor, ↑immunosuppressive drug, ↑immunosuppressive, ↑immune suppressant drug, ↑inhalant, ↑inhalation, ↑isoproterenol, ↑Isuprel, ↑isosorbide, ↑Isordil, ↑lipid-lowering medicine, ↑lipid-lowering medication, ↑statin drug, ↑statin, ↑methacholine, ↑Mecholyl, ↑nux vomica, ↑over-the-counter drug, ↑over-the-counter medicine, ↑oxytocic, ↑oxytocic drug, ↑paregoric, ↑camphorated tincture of opium, ↑patent medicine, ↑penicillamine, ↑Cuprimine, ↑pentylenetetrazol, ↑pentamethylenetetrazol, ↑Metrazol, ↑pharmaceutical, ↑pharmaceutic, ↑placebo, ↑powder, ↑prescription drug, ↑prescription, ↑prescription medicine, ↑ethical drug, ↑probenecid, ↑purgative, ↑cathartic, ↑physic, ↑aperient, ↑remedy, ↑curative, ↑cure, ↑therapeutic, ↑rubefacient, ↑sedative, ↑sedative drug, ↑depressant, ↑downer, ↑soothing syrup, ↑specific, ↑sucralfate, ↑Carafate, ↑sudorific, ↑sudatory, ↑suppository, ↑tincture, ↑tonic, ↑restorative, ↑tyrosine kinase inhibitor, ↑vermicide, ↑vermifuge, ↑anthelmintic, ↑anthelminthic, ↑helminthic
Substance Meronyms: ↑physostigmine

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